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  1. Handbrake

    Unlike handbrakes that are used in road cars, handbrakes in sim racing are built like fly-off handbrakes that are commonly used in rallying and drifting. Fly-off handbrakes return to their original position after application,...

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  2. Steering wheels

    Steering wheels

    As in real life, there are almost unlimited possibilities in sim racing when it comes to steering wheels: There is everything from vintage steering wheels with wooden rims to high-end formal wheels with integrated displays. Some entry-level models like...

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  3. Wheelbases


    The heart of every simulator is the wheelbase: Steering forces are simulated while the so-called force feedback helps drivers to understand how their vehicles behave while driving.

    Currently, there are three different types...

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  4. Dashboard

    Dashboards are displays that show vehicle information. They are available in the form of real dashboards often with LED gearshift flashes, inappropriate brackets, and fixed displays or in form of apps for cell phones and tablets...

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  5. Button Box

    The term Button Box refers to the additional control units on the steering wheel as well as separate control units, which are often mounted right next to the wheelbase. Separate button boxes, just like the ones found on steering wheels,...

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  6. Shifter (H pattern shifter & sequential shifter)

    For integrated shifting units on the steering wheel see paddle shifter

    Shifters, in sim racing terms, are external units...

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  7. Motion rig

    Motion rig

    Rigs that are moved by actuators either as a whole (platform mover) or only partially (usually seat mover) are called motion rigs. Judging by the looks one could think that the actuators use hydraulics but usually the rams are servo-driven...

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  8. Static rig

    Static rig

    As the name suggests, static rigs are fixed rigs. In contrast to motion rigs, which are usually designed for high-priced top hardware, static rigs include everything from inexpensive ...

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