Welcome to the Sim Racing Wiki

Dear (future) sim racer, welcome to the Sim Racing Wiki!

The following six tiles will show you all the necessary information about sim racing. Due to the large number of different simulation games and one's...

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Steering Wheels

As in reality, steering wheels are the main connection between the driver and the steering axle of a vehicle. Steering in sim racing is composed of two parts that make up individual subcategories: the steering wheels themselves and the wheelbase, basically the...

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As in real cars, there are usually two pedal setups in sim racing: an accelerator pedal, brake pedal, and clutch pedal as in any car with a manual or sequential gearbox, or only accelerator and brake as in cars...

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In Sim racing the frame, on which the peripherals, the seat, and sometimes even a monitor/TV mount are located, is called the rig. Rigs are usually made of metal and can nowadays be found in many different shapes. Good rigs not only offer...

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Racing Simulations

As the name suggests, simulation is the umbrella term for an entire video game genre that attempts to simulate real-world situations as best as possible.

Simulations range from...

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The term simulator has several meanings in sim racing. Those who speak of a simulator usually mean the entire system that involves the basic frame, the so-called rig, the racing seat, and all the peripherals. Latter includes every...

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In addition to the steering wheel, wheelbase and pedals, other peripheral accessories should briefly be highlighted at this point.

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