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More features and more control - with the new Ascher Racing button plates B24L-SC and B24M-SC you are straight in the race.

Ascher Racing B24L SC and Ascher Racing B24M SC


Pole Position ²


Steering wheels, rigs, simulators, seats, and more for your SimRacing experience

With our hardware, you are ready for the Pole Position!

You can find everything for sim racing in our SimRacing Store. Whether you are a new to sim racing, casual racer, or ambitious sim racer. From game seats to 3Motion seatmovers, from rigs to multi brackets, steering wheels, potentiometer pedals, or load cell pedals. We build sophisticated hardware for your sim racing career and stock a wide range of sim racing accessories in our store. And we don't make a big difference whether you drive on PC, Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox. We have the right equipment for you and your sim racing career in stock, including spare parts and accessories. Of course, we also build fully equipped sim racing simulators with ultra-fast gaming PCs - or you could decide yourself which components you want in your sim and use our configurator to configure your desired system for your pole position.
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If Sim-Racing is a foreign word for you, our Community-Wiki will help you

SimRacing is virtual motorsport at the highest level. To give you an overview of which hardware, software, and other components you should look out for when buying SimRacing equipment, we have created a Wiki together with our SimRacing community. In our Wiki, we also clarify, for example, what a "Load Cell" function for pedals or a "Button Box" is, because the deeper you dive into the SimRacing community, the more complex this demanding sport becomes.

You can also find out in this SimRacing Wiki how you can make the leap from the virtual cockpit into the real cockpit of a racing car as a passionate Sim racer.



Motorsport is a team sport

Do you have questions about your hardware? Don't you know how to get your steering wheel running in your favorite racing simulation? Do you have a driver conflict, or are you looking for the right spare part for your steering wheel or want to upgrade your rig? Don't worry, our support team is available during our business hours to answer all your questions.

To help you better, we need detailed system specifications and detailed failure description. Do you have any solution steps taken? Please also inform us about all steps you already did. If you are using a Windows-compatible PC, we also need the error codes.

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