In Sim racing the frame, on which the peripherals, the seat, and sometimes even a monitor/TV mount are located, is called the rig. Rigs are usually made of metal and can nowadays be found in many different shapes. Good rigs not only offer properly sized mounts for the peripherals and accessories but a good and authentic seating position and a certain degree of rigidity. In addition to that, rigs should be as variable as possible to allow the driver to adjust the rig to suit his best seating, steering wheel, and pedal position.

When it comes down to the rigs themselves, a distinction has to be made between motion rigs and static rigs. That is why the following section will give you a more in-depth look into this.

  1. Motion rig

    Motion rig

    Rigs that are moved by actuators either as a whole (platform mover) or only partially (usually seat mover) are called motion rigs. Judging by the looks one could think that the actuators use hydraulics but usually the rams are servo-driven...

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  2. Static rig

    Static rig

    As the name suggests, static rigs are fixed rigs. In contrast to motion rigs, which are usually designed for high-priced top hardware, static rigs include everything from inexpensive ...

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