1. NEWS Ascher Racing Dashboards 4 & 5 inch Launch

    We are happy to inform you about the launch of the Ascher Racing Dashboards 4 and 5 inch...

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  2. NEWS Sales start Ascher Racing F64 USB V3 & Clutch Paddles Gen4

    Today we are pleased to present the successor to our F64-USB, the new F64-USB V3, as well as our new Clutch Paddles Gen 4. We would...

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  3. The new Ascher Racing B24L-SC & B24M-SC

    Your Gadget for the Pole Position:

    The new Ascher Racing Button Plates B24L-SC and B24M-SC


    Featuring 24 configurable inputs the new Simucube-2 compatible Ascher Racing Button Plates B24M-SC and B24L-SC include eight push-buttons, two...

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  4. The new TrackTime Race Rig variants

    The new „Race Rigs“ from TrackTime are a modularly extensible seat console for SimRacing.
    In comparison to distinct chassis and seats on the market, the TrackTime "Race Rigs" are modularly ext...
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  5. The new generation of Ascher steering wheels!

    Better, more functional, handier: Ascher Racing has revised its two Formula steering wheels...

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  6. Out now: TrackTime Race Rig

    A modular upgradable seat console for SimRacing is the new Race Rig from TrackTime. Compared to various frames and seats...

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  7. Welcome to the SimRacing Store

    Here you will find as a passionate SimRacer simply everything you need for your race. From steering wheels to game seats, button boxes to fully equipped simulators.

    We are passionate SimRacers just like you and only offer hardware that we use ourselves. So back then we developed our own motion...

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