The New Ascher
F28-SC V2

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SimCube 2 Direct Drive Systems

Ascher Steering Wheel F28 SimuCube

Ascher Racing F28-SC V2


The Ascher Racing F28-SC is a high-quality SimCube Wireless Wheel™ and has at its disposal a total of 28 input options. In addition, the steering wheel is now equipped with extra-grippy rubber grips.

  • 12x buttons with noticeable feedback
  • 2x multifunctional 7-fold joysticks
  • 2x magnetic paddle shifters


„As a racing driver, I need a steering wheel of high quality and stability to get as close as possible to the real racing car. I found exactly that with the Ascher steering wheels!“

-Tim Heinemann 2020 DTM Trophy winner-

„In the past there was no steering wheel to buy in SimRacing that met my requirements. So I started designing and manufacturing my own. Today, for many of my customers, the Ascher Racing steering wheels are the benchmark in SimRacing.“

-Martin Ascher, Ascher Racing founder-

Ready to Race.

With a new half steering wheel rim and ergonomic grips

The Ascher Racing F28-SC V2 is milled from aluminum and it is compatible with all simucube based Dircet Drive Systems (SC1, SC2, OSW Kits). Furthermore, the various buttons and switches can be assigned freely to the respective SimRacing simulation.

  • Made from high quality aluminium
  • Black anodised and laser engraved
  • Brushed front panel surface
  • Glass bead blasted paddle surface
Ascher Steering Wheel F28 SC Dynamic
Ascher Steering Wheel SimuCube F28 Front


Ascher Racing F28-SC V2

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