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Shipping costs - National

For national shipping within Germany we charge the following shipping costs:

Shipping costs

For orders from 50,- €* - within Germany - the shipping costs are not applicable.

* Since our complete simulators are shipped on pallets, there are additional shipping costs!

For national shipping within Germany we charge the following shipping costs:

CountryShipping costs
Germany8,00 EUR

For international shipping to the following countries we charge the following shipping costs:

CountryShipping costs
Austria19,00 EUR
Belgium15,00 EUR
Bulgaria25,00 EUR
Denmark19,00 EUR
Estonia25,00 EUR
Finland19,00 EUR
France15,00 EUR
Greece30,00 EUR
Hungary30,00 EUR
Ireland30,00 EUR
Italy19,00 EUR
Latvia25,00 EUR
Lithuania30,00 EUR
Luxembourg15,00 EUR
Netherlands15,00 EUR
Poland25,00 EUR
Portugal30,00 EUR
Romania25,00 EUR
Sweden19,00 EUR
Slovakia25,00 EUR
Slovenia25,00 EUR
Spain30,00 EUR
Czech Republic15,00 EUR

* Prices incl. VAT per package up to 30kg

For countries not listed in the table below, please inquire about shipping options using the contact form.

Shipping - Complete simulators

The delivery of the complete simulators is done by forwarding agency and on pallets, therefore we calculate the shipping costs for complete simulators as follows:

CountryShipping costs
Germany80,00 EUR
Austria120,00 EUR
Belgium120,00 EUR
Bulgaria190,00 EUR
Denmark150,00 EUR
Estonia190,00 EUR
Finnland200,00 EUR
France140,00 EUR
Greece360,00 EUR
Hungary180,00 EUR
Ireland240,00 EUR
Italy170,00 EUR
Latvia200,00 EUR
Lithuania200,00 EUR
Luxembourg120,00 EUR
Netherlands120,00 EUR
Poland180,00 EUR
Portugal210,00 EUR
Romania190,00 EUR
Sweden200,00 EUR
Slowakei140,00 EUR
Slovenia180,00 EUR
Spain210,00 EUR
Czech Republic120,00 EUR

* Price incl. VAT per pallet

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