Your Gadget for the Pole Position:

The new Ascher Racing Button Plates B24L-SC and B24M-SC


Featuring 24 configurable inputs the new Simucube-2 compatible Ascher Racing Button Plates B24M-SC and B24L-SC include eight push-buttons, two push-buttons encased in button guards and the two new 7-way joysticks with push-button functionality. The button plate is perfect for use in a steering wheel rim of an original sports steering wheel from a manufacturer like Momo, OMP and Sparco.  The signals of the Ascher Racing Button Plates B24L-SC and B24M-SC are transmitted wirelessly to a Simucube 2 Direct Drive wheelbase. With an adapter and a mounting hole pattern of 6 x 70 millimeters, the button plates can also be used with Simucube-1 compatible wheelbases.


There are 24 input functions on both Button Plates, consisting of the two new multifunctional 7-way joysticks with push-button functionality, eight push-buttons, and two buttons enclosed with button guards. Depending on the SimRacing simulation used, the joysticks, push-buttons, and buttons can assign individually. All inputs act precisely and sensitively. The button plates are made of milled aluminum. The faceplate, for example, is made of five-millimeter thick material. The Ascher Racing Button Plates B24L-SC and B24M-SC transmit the signals wirelessly to the Simucube 2 Wheelbase without any lags. If you want to use the Button Plates on a Simucube 1 or Simucube 1 compatible Wheel Base, you can upgrade it with an optional receiver for wireless communication. Both Ascher Racing Button Plates come with mounting hardware for quick and easy connection to compatible direct-drive systems.